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#JUST LOOK AT THIS #WILL YOU#lydia is so used to being treated awful and like she doesn’t matter#when she was dressed up for a FUCKING DANCE jackson barely looked her way even when she spoke to him#their relationship was vile and toxic for her#even though she always tried to show everyone confident lydia#here she is so herself#just normal, not trying to be something she’s not#and LOOK AT her face in the last gif when she realizes Stiles went out of his way to do something for her#i juST

This makes me cry a little. This episode. Stiles just wanted Lydia to be happy. Everybody knows that Stiles can make Lydia smile and laugh and happy. No, he’s no lacrosse ass kicker, no he’s no supernatural creature, no he’s not the most popular guy at school but he’s got a kind, loving, gentle heart. He’s got a heart. His eyes don’t go yellow but they are perfect. 

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